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GRP Panel tank from 1000L to 200,000L

GRP water tanks, or glass reinforced plastic water tanks, are now the leading industry standard water containment unit currently found on the market. Due to their lightweight, rugged and usable fiberglass design, GRP tanks provide safe water storage without the risk of corrosion or bacterial contamination. Additionally, given the materials that the water tanks are made from, they are also resistant to outdoor temperatures, UV rays and weathering, which means the tanks will not degrade over time. These materials also make the water tanks flexible, meaning they can be tailored at the manufacturing level for any specific access or location needs.

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10.000 Litres to  200.000 Litres

In short :
ISOTHERMA SARL presents the glass-reinforced plastic water tank (GRP Panel Tank)
Material: glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or in English Glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
Usable: Outdoors
Capacity (L): up to 200,000 Liter
Guarantee: 2 years against manufacturing defects

Uses of GRP water tanks / GRP tanks
There is a wide range of applications associated with the use of GRP tanks. Popular uses include
– storage of rainwater, so that homeowners and businesses can become more environmentally friendly and reduce wastewater
– soaking tanks for manufacturers to coat their products
– automatic fire extinguisher tanks
– to ensure a sustained water supply in the event of a fire in a commercial building.
In addition, the materials they are made of allow them to be adapted and manufactured to a specialized level for use in storing chemicals in a safe and controlled environment for the workplace.


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