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Water Tanks


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  • Horizontal Water Storage Tank Models:
    For particular space/design specifications.
  • Light Weight and Easy Installation:
    Designed for easy handling, transporting, and installation.
  • Suitable for overhead and underground applications:
    Adaptable to a variety of applications; in households, water supply schemes, agricultural farms, chemical plants, industries, defence, hospitals, offices schools and colleges.
  • Leak-Proof:
    The one-piece molded body has no joints and is absolutely maintenance free.
  • Rust-Proof:
    Polyethylene granules used in the construction of the tanks ensure it is strong, durable and free from corrosion.
  • Clean and Hygienic:
    Specially designed with a smooth inner layer that resists growth of algae and bacteria.

  • Outer Layer is tough in order to withstand the harshest weathers.
  • UV Layer provides the tanks resistance against Ultra Voilet.
  • Smooth Inner Layer for storing water & prevents the growth of algae.
  • Foam Layer (Compressed Sponges) maintains the water temperature at a rate less than the outside temperature.


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